September is here and it’s a reminder that the season of change is right around the corner. We want to begin by sharing that these past few months of summer we have been doing the “apye” dance. Why you ask? Even though most people don’t think of socks around this time, we added 125 new customers. For a new brand, this is no small feet (well you know that we couldn’t spell it correctly, just couldn’t do it). This is all due to the you our loyal sockinistas and the efforts of the amazing people that we are supporting us along the way.

The first #sockinista is Dana Prigge of Daily Fashionista, she has loved our socks since the beginning with a keen sense for picking great products by not just choosing brands because of price, but for quality & practicality that can benefit many. So we are honored. Our dance moved into a faster rhythm when we had the pleasure of also being featured by  Kelly Larkin, of KelIy In the City, Tiffany Diana of Love Grey Skies and Jaclynn Brennan of Blazers & Bellinis. (You can click on their names to check out their websites, articles and amazing pictures)

So now we are ready for this season with the darker hues as our favorite we think you should try our,  Graphite Grey , in the picture below, since it goes perfectly with any of the falls fashion. In the next few weeks, we are increasing our lines to include a lot more colors and styles, plus we are working with Kara Ross on a special socks for her Diamond Unleashed campaign so stay tuned because we are headed towards our very own changes as well.

So we want to Thank you, thank you to our faithful followers, customers and brand believers. You are the reason we want to continue evolving and bringing you a product and brand that makes you all APYE.

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