Every year I am reminded of how fast summer seems to fly by when August comes around. A lot has happened for Apye in just a few months and I cannot wait to share all the exciting news with my readers. As I have said in some of my earlier blog posts, I have always had a passion for fun socks. To be able to wake up and slip into a vibrant pair of apye socks that not only look fabulous, but feel amazing too has now become a part of my morning routine just as important as stopping at Starbucks and ordering my Venti iced coffee. Socks, though, have a place close to my heart whereas sorry Starbucks, but you just get me going in the morning :-)

I know not everyone shares the same passion for socks that I have, and that’s okay. That’s why I am the one selling socks and you are the one reading about them. I do encourage all of my readers to comment, share, and give feedback on my posts–let’s get a conversation going. What excited you about socks? What is it that you look for in a pair of socks? Is it color or comfort that will have you sold on one brand over the other?

What has been propelling me forward through the summer, which has been somewhat hectic and stressful, despite the beautiful weather, is that Apye is not a company that simply makes and sells socks. If we were, my job would be a lot less fun, and not nearly as meaningful to me or you! Apye is a brand dedicated to spreading positivity, love and warmth in our everyday lives. Apye lives and breaths positivity and delivers an unbeatable product that makes your feet happy! Apye hopes that our happy brand is infectious and our socks will brighten your day the way they are designed and made to!

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